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Chethan Gowda Digital Brandist

I'm Chethan Gowda, Your Digital Marketing Consultant

Global marketing experience focusing on building a company’s brand effectively on the web and social platforms. Incorporating digital marketing strategies into business to reach potential growth in this digital age.

My Specialties

Brand marketing

I help businesses construct their identity and develop a tailored and concise brand strategy that will appeal to your target audience


I setup & build complete online presence of your startup business and develop online reputation of the brand

Social Media Marketing

I create impactful social campaigns and experiences that drive audience towards achieving your business objectives

web design & SEO

Get your small business an SEO optimized WordPress website with all integrations and features tailored for your business

Email Marketing

I provide on building email lists, creating emails, and nurturing leads through written communications.

Digital Designing

Your Brand Needs Fulfilled Through Innovative Graphic Designs. Logo, Pamphlet, Brochure, company profile and digital ad design

Recruitment Consulting

I create and publish an ad across major hiring platforms that will attract the best qualified candidates for your organization

Photography & video production

Is your product or service needs visual content for marketing? I have dedicated team for creating photo and video content for your business

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