Before we begin..
Ask yourself a few key questions:
Campaign checklist:

What are my goals and KPIs?

Which accounts am I focusing on?

Ex: Enterprise, Corporate, SMB, EDU, etc)

Who is my target audience?

(Ex: CEO, CIO, IT managers, Director of Infrastructure )

How will I reach the target audience?

(What’s the best delivery method?)

What are the customer pain points?

(Is challenger method right for me?)

Does your marketing plan align with the joint business plan?

Assemble the right team of sales and marketing leads and define roles and responsibilities.

Complete an account mapping exercise with your regional Google Cloud sales and marketing team identifying your list of target accounts.

Map out your marketing tactics for 1:1 and/or ABM strategy.

Identify your campaign messaging and create collateral.

Create a sales plan that ties into your marketing plan.


Create a game plan

Once you’ve defined your goals, you’ll need to develop strategies to help connect with prospects and customers. Create your marketing plan by determining the following: